Our Objectives

a) The promotion of free and credible elections in West Africa;

b) The promotion of independent and impartial election organisations and administrators;

c) Strengthening public confidence in the electoral process through free and credible electoral procedures;

d) The development of professional election officials with integrity, a strong sense of public service and a                   commitment to democracy;

e) Predictability of the framework for elections;

f) Commitment to the promotion and consolidation of democratic culture to create a conducive environment for the peaceful organization of elections;

g) The sharing of experiences, information, technology and election documents;

h) Cooperation for the improvement of electoral laws and practices;

i) Gradual harmonization of electoral laws and practices, as appropriate, capitalizing on good practice in electoral matters;

j) Rationalization and pooling of resources to reduce the cost of conducting elections;

k) Improving the working conditions of its members in the fulfilment of their mandate.